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Talent Pool

Our talent pool has developers from junior to senior level. We continually replenish our talent pool with experienced developers, but if you need specialists in a particular area, we can find and hire the best talents for your project.


Most of our developers have at least 5 years of experience in the IT industry. Our engineers adhere to continuous integration, code review practices, TDD, and the Scrum guide. They also know how to communicate productively with English-speaking teams.

Verified skills

To find the best match for our clients, we compare a candidate's qualifications to the job description and assess their logical and mathematical skills, as well as soft skills. By rigorously screening potential developers, we save time by only interviewing those who have demonstrated excellence in each of these areas.

Work with Top Ruby on Rails Developers

VT labs was named one of the top software development companies in Eastern Europe and recognized as a top-three Shopify Development company worldwide.



With our talent pool, you can easily find the right candidate with the perfect set of skills ready to work on your project right now. Just send us a request to get developers' CVs.

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Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

On his first job, Misha helped to rebuild old systems from scratch. Despite everyone’s best efforts and preliminary research, it was common for the new system to be inferior to the old. He found that his superpower was being able to revive legacy systems instead of having to rebuild them from scratch. Capable of generating ideas and implementing solutions.
Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, MySQL, RSpec, Shopify, TDD, JS, React.js, HTML, SCSS, Scrum, +More
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Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

Slava has worked on multiple projects for businesses in the US and EU and knows how to use the newest software efficiently to get the best results for customers. He is especially good with data storage, e-commerce mobile platforms, and making things run smoothly across devices. He can quickly figure out what is causing a problem and propose multiple solutions.
Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Rspec, Sidekiq, Capybara, Shopify, Express.js, GraphQL, Redis, HTML, +More


Middle Ruby on Rails Developer

As a ROR developer with 5+ years of experience, she knows how to manage all aspects of the development process effectively. She has solved complex business problems in the eCommerce industry efficiently and is always attentive to detail. Khris learned that working closely with users affects their experience and well-being deeply.
Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Rspec, Sidekiq, Capybara, Shopify, Express.js, GraphQL, Redis, HTML, +More

Access to our talent pool

Contact us to receive CVs of available Ruby on Rails developers to extend your team and accelerate the engineering process.

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We work with various different technologies and strive to pick the right tool for the job.

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Looking for Ruby on Rails engineer with a specific skill set to fill talent gaps?

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Specify Requirements

Considering all the project specific details (tech stack, team size, duration, etc) to see if our developers are a good match for you.


Checking our talent pool & current projects to see who might be available, sending most qualified candidates' CVs for your evaluation.

Technical  Interview

Conducting tech interviews to test candidates' skills through a combination of tech questions and practical tasks.

Onboard Candidates 

Providing assistance with integrating remote programmers into your in-house team to ensure successful collaboration.

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They helped outsource qualified engineering candidates for the company's vacant Ruby on Rails programming role.

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After getting your CV request, we shortlist developers experienced in your industry, tools, and technologies.

We set up a technical interview to make sure the team is qualified.

After signing a contract, our development team will be ready to begin your project immediately.

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